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The easiest way to hack  your productivity

We are live 21.11.! 


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Get rid of juggling with boxes

Boxio brings you a simple sidebar to organize your projects into 'boxes' so you don't have to see everything at once on your screen. One box represents one project housing all the tools and information you need - think of a box as a digital home for a given project. When you open a box, it gives access to everything it holds - tabs, apps & files - automatically, and hides all the things from other boxes.


To manage all your things online

Kick-ass fundamentals

Unclutter your view, boost your productivity

Tired of a cluttered screen and multitasking chaos?


Regain your focus by creating a box for every project or task, and switch between boxes easily with a click. Boxes help you group, save, and open tabs, apps, and files without the mess. Continue working on projects exactly how you left them.


Turn your favorite websites into apps

Find Your information, instantly


Turn your most used sites into apps and keep them at your fingertips in the sidebar. Apps open in a small window, allowing you to split screen.

Boost your productivity with integrated tools

Starting with 5 free modules

Imagine accessing your projects AND essential tools, all conveniently from one sidebar. 

  • Is Boxio safe?
    Unlike some apps, Boxio doesn't make money selling your data, searches, or user habits. We don’t collect or see your private data, and certainly do not share it with third parties. All your data is stored locally on your computer. Boxio uses Auth0 to fully encrypt your password at rest using the virtually impenetrable AES-256 algorithm.
  • Who is Boxio built for?
    Anyone who needs to switch context in their computer work. Boxio is extremely useful for anyone that deals with distractions or information-digging while working online. It's for founders building their startups, creators producing their content, students managing their courses, and everyone in between.
  • Is Boxio free?
    Boxio is free now and in the future. We want to encourage usage and build the kind of Boxio we all need with user feedback. 🩵 We will release paid modules meant to increase productivity with a small fee, but the core of Boxio will remain free with an unlimited amount of boxes. Psst. you can earn Boxio credits by providing feedback for us, and those credits can be used to get premium modules for free. Get more info from

Check features and more info from a guide we made!

On a mission to make focus a daily practice.

Boxio was founded from an experience of difficulties in computer work. Notes here and there, an army of tabs, and separate Drive folders for different clients. Working with different projects smoothly seemed impossible.


​We wanted to create a product that creates simple spaces to help us manage all things online with minimal manual work. So that you don't have to be a productivity super-hero to effectively get things done.


Simple to use - experience the power of Boxio by yourself. 

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